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Congratulations to the 2014 WSDCA CHampions!
Shawn Jones in the Pro Class!
Angel Figeroa in the Veteran's Class!
Camden Robistelli in the Sportsman Class!

WSDCA 2014 Rule Book !

Approved Motor List:
These are currently the only motors approved to run in WSDCA. Please contact your WSDCA official for approval before installing or buying any motor not on this list.

1999-2003 CBR1100XX
2000-2001 CBR929RR
2000-2006 RVT 1000R
2002-2203 CBR900F
2002-2007 CB900F
2004-2010 CBR1000RR

2000-2005 ZX12R
2003-2009 X1000
2004-2010 ZX10R

1997-2008 TL,SV,DL 1000
2001-2008 GSXR 1000

2002-2008 R1
2006-2009 FZ1

Western States Dwarf Car Association welcomes ALL the Western States Assciation who have formed the WSDCA!
The participating associations are (with their assigned racing letter):
"N"=Nor-Cal Dwarf Car Association,
"S"=Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association,
"K"=Pacific Hardtop Racing Association
"Z"= Oregon Outlaws Dwarf Car Association
"B"= South Bay Area Dwarf's
"A"= Barona Dwarf Cars
"V"= California Dwarf Car Racing Association,
"X"= Southern Nevada Dwarf Car Association,
"Y"= Arizona Dwarf Cars,
"H"= High Country Dwarf Car Association
"E" California Outlaw Dwarfs
"D" Dwarfs of Reno Tahoe Dwarf Cars
"W" Dwarf Cars of Northern Nevada!
"C" Colorado Dwarf Cars

The focus of these National events is to have lots of track time,fun,socializing and to expand our appreciation of Dwarf Cars and the people who are involved with them.
Each hosting association is unique and has special things planned from BBQ's to raffles to pitcrew challenges and other fun surprises.

If you or your association would like to be part of something great, join WSDCA! Contact Frank Munroe at (209) 832-8508.

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